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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 29, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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good evening. i'm ama daetz. police are lookout for robber that killed a woman's dog. they were attacked friday about 5:00 p.m. on friday. it happened when the woman got outside to search for her phone. a man demanded money. she gave him five dollars. the man stole the dog and threatened to kill the dog. the victim did not want to go on the camera. >> he put cox si over his head.
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>> roxie was rushed to a veterinarian but the injuries were too severe. >> dozens of people have been forced out of their homes after a fire. several animals were saved. the fire sparked about 9:45 this morning at a building at 23rd and kapp street. >> heavy dark smoke swallowed the unit on 23rd street in the mission district. >> smoke was billowing out the front door. >> they caught the early structure fire that forced the vak ways of dozen homes. people were forced to street with only the things they could hold. >> they go up quick and jump from building to building. >> that was one of the reasons firefighters chose to attack the fire with so much manpower. more than 140 emergency
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personnel responded to the call. >> it could easily gone to six learm. they did a good job. >> the firefighters seen here entering the sixth floor entering cloud of smoke. the fire is moving quickly. aided by the close proximity of the vehicle forian. >> early indicators suggest the fire may have started in the rear, but officials on the scene they are still in the early stages of their investigation. one firefighter was taken by stretcher to the hospital with symptoms related to dehydration and complaints of shoulder pain. burned and waterlogged wood is piled at the doorstep to prevent people from entering the place. >> we under there were working smoke detector that help alert
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people. they are providing two weeks of boarding for the pets that have also been displaced. so car they have four cats, two puppies, one goldfish and a chicken. authorities have identified two people who drowned after being swept away by a large wave. they are nine-year-old and his father a 37-year-old. a third person survived. investigators say they were fishing near the golden gate bridge. two men were able to grab on to a rock. they believe the other two swam from the rock in an effort to rescue his son but both were swept away. >> the accident happened and they went to fishing and it's so
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horrible. >> the family recently lost everything they own in a house fire. the family is try to raise enough money to bury the father and son in their native mexico center. >> an earthquake happened and largest was 2.8 and smallest was 2.6. >> democrats and republicans are bargain to go dodge the fiscal cliff. if a deal is note struck, tax hikes and budget cuts will kick in. it seems unlikely they can write a comprehensive budget bill in time. they are thinking of a fall back plan. >> president obama is urging congress to focus. >> i'm optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. >> at the white house friday the president and congressional leaders spent some 70 minutes in a negotiating session and agreed to keep talking. >> it was constructive.
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>> it was constructive. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> as snow fell on mostly deserted washington, two sides continued bargaining. if there some on deal, president obama wants smaller bill extending tax cuts making $250,000 or less and continuing unemployment benefits for millions that will lose them. >> i believe such a proposal could pass both houses with bipartisan majorities as long as these leaders allow it to come to a vote. >> we can still avoid going over the fiscal cliff if the president and democratically controlled senate step forward to solve this problem and solve it now. >> frustration over the impasse runs from wall street where the dow is down 400 points to main street. >> this is america. they should be working for the american people. >> the parties are trying to
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outdo each other. >> sit down and don't come out of this that room until you have taken care of. >> the shows back in session that afternoon and could vote on the senate version. a south is a san francisco retired ee is now $23 million richer. he bought a winning ticket at pharmacy in san francisco before christmas but he didn't discover high won when a friend remind himd to check his ticket. he hasn't decided what to do with the money. coming up, a look at the most piratedtv series this year. plus, an amazing video of people helping friends stuck at a prison. a new gaming system so the way. we'll look inside. we'll find out what is helping
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populations in asia. >> i'm meteorologist lisa argen, a cold night ahead as our valley temperatures are dropping into the 30s. widespread 20s i
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it's been a good year for netflix and ceo is being rewarded for it. company expects to have about 27 million customers by january 1st and company announced it will give the ceo a boost in salary, some $500,000 to $2 million. hastings earned $4 million last year. his pay was cut after price hike fiasco sent them down. this weeks developers
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received tips for a so they can start working on games. they raised $8.5 million on fund-raising kick started. itsize of a rubik's cube but will be powerful enough to run games on tv. they will sell for $100 in april. the game of thrones is most illegally downloaded. fantasy series, 4.8 million times it was stolen. second most was dexter. big bang theory how i met your mother was also in the top five. a rare california ice rescue is caught on video. several people were rescued in the frigid waters.
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it is very chilly in the bay area and could get colder. lisa argen is up next with the forecast. >> i'm rick kwan, women's basketball team gets roughed up by an old rival. and pac-12 teams were in action today. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover,
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i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. >> ama: an amazing rescue icy lake rescue. >> it begin when one man slipped off the sheet of ice and into lake. people in this video are members of a sledding excursion that goes terribly wrong. >> it went from cheering to all
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of a sudden an unbelievable amount of panic and chaos. >> one man goes to the edge to try to help, but then he falls in. then one after another tries to help only to plunge into the lake themselves in a chain reaction. a crowd gathers frantically screaming for hope. >> call 911. >> five minutes after the first man went in nearly a dozen people are now in the water. as others throw ropes and inner tubes. nicky her man you can hear him call for someone to bring a rope. >> nine minutes in the ordeal on ice, everyone somehow manages to scramble out. this escapade on highs happily. everybody is just fine. >> ama: that is frightening.
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leigh glaser is off and lisa argen is in checking our weather. >> all the cold weather. clearing skies and nice break from the rain and as we look outside this evening, in fact temperatures are very chilly. view from mount tam, numbers dropping into the 30s and n some of our valleys. we are going to have wait couple days. live doppler, nice and clear right now. we do have a couple weak weather systems that will travel down the shoreline and want to give us a few showers but it doesn't look likely at this point. right now, high temperatures that were pretty chilly and 57 in oakland with the warm spot and mid 50s in san rafael. 52 in santa cruz. upper 30s, 37 in napa and 39 in fairfield and 40 in mountain view. numbers will slowly drop. skies will continue to clear and we'll get some of that patchy frost in north and east bay valleys with numbers already as much as eight degrees cooler
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than last night at this time. definitely a chillier evening. this is going to be the way it will play out the next several nights. skies will remain clear and weak weather systems give us a reinforcing shot of colder air. patchy frost for the morning. sunny for sunday with a chance of showers around the monterey bay, then by monday, partly cloudy skies in the morning. by late in the day, looks like showers once again want to skirt the shoreline. just a slight chance in the forecast. overnight lows, when you wake up tomorrow morning, upper 20s in cloverdale. 29 in antioch and fairfield with freezing temperatures, concord and morgan hill, santa cruz a little warmer by the water. hour left for the high surf advisory. still pretty dangerous with strong rip currents and large northwest material swells as high pressure builds on in.
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area of low pressure sinking to the south but there is a weak system in western nevada that will bring a few inches of snow tonight. this is how it will play out monday morning. here comes the next wet weathermaker, still off the coast. look what happens as we go through the rest of the day. perhaps a few sprinkles in marin county but otherwise it looks like it will stay off the coast. a little rain shower activity here will provide snow showers in the sierra with a couple more inches towards dawn right until 10:00. low 50s tomorrow with plenty of sun for san francisco and san jose waking up to frosty numbers in the morning taking a little bit of time to warm up. 53 in salinas, late day sprinkle around the monterey bay. otherwise it looks like the chance of showers is very slim for overnight sunday and monday. it's more like the chilly temperatures that will you notice but clear skies
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throughout the middle of the week. warmer temperatures and this storm system is looking more and more unlikely. >> ama: thank you, lisa. it's time to check on sports. we're kind of hot right now. >> golden state is looking golden. surprising warriors begin four out of first. final game of 2012 hosting boston. check out the great passing, leads to a david lee dunk. they shot 56% in the first half. barnes with a 3. golden state by 17 at intermission. lee goes beyond the back of jeff curry and makes him miss and hits the jumper. next possession this time from way downtown. got it. now it's just early in the fourth quarter, golden state leads the celtics 76-67. >> top ranked basketball team
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squared off against connecticut. cardinals ended their 90 game winning streak. they got some revenge. huskies took control early and brianna with a tough shot. the connecticut's stifling defense and it leads to this, 31-13 at the half. this one was blocked. colina lewis led with 19 and uconn improves 16. >> this dunk for santa clara early in the second. duke rallied behind curry's young brother seth, finished with a career high, blue devils
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get the victory. >>. >> bears looking for their third straight win but the crimson can play. saunders 2 of his 18. alan crab put in a game high 27. harvard holds on to win, 67-62. the bears fall to 8-4. >> now, to football, stanford will try to cap a 11-2 season with a win over wisconsin in the rose bowl. badgers are just 8-5 but three of those losses did come in overtime. this is the third straight year they have been to the rose bowl. they lost the previous two. last one is oregon. wisconsin is hoping third time will be the charm. >> we like to play great defense. we don't know anything about that. whatever people say about point spreads, those don't matter. ever play comes down to the last
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possession and late in the fourth quarter. we know it will be a heck of a football game. >> abc7 sports anchor mike shumann will be pasadena to cover the rose bowl. watch his report starting on tuesday. >> bryce lost his brother when he shot over pair shoes. despite the loss he took place in the hunger bowl. in memory of his late bowl, rice had a great game running for 159 yards. sun devils led 21-0 after the first quarter. kelly threw four touchdowns. 62-28, they finish 8-5. >> it's really great. this is my last game, solid game. i went out with a bang and top of that, i feel real good right
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now. >> number 13, oregon state took on texas in the alamo bowl. beavers looking good. this touchdown put them up by 10. david ashe threw two-fourths quarter scores to give texas the first lead of the night. alex set a bowl record with four and a half sacks. 31-27. both teams finished 9-4. stanford men's basketball just ended. they took care of lafayette. final score, 65-59. >> ama: tiger populations are
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